Online Gambling for Rookies

The online gambling industry today runs into a multi-billion dollar affair. Since, its inception in the mid nineties, online gambling or iGambling has seen a growing number of dedicated patrons. With such heavy increase in monetary traffic and online gambling options, it has become imperative to protect your identity and investments online.

Staying Safe:

The primary concern for any online rookie gambler is to protect his identity from being stolen while accessing an online gaming site. Identity theft can involve an individual’s sensitive private information such as social security number, bank details, credit card details, address and phone numbers, being stolen and then misused. Like online shopping, online gambling too comes with the risk of identity theft. With mushrooming gambling sites, it has become essential to do a little background check before sharing your personal details with the site. Before placing your bets on the Roulette table at a casino, it is wise to investigate the legitimacy of the site. Genuine gambling sites shall have a battery of security measures to protect their patrons, such as 128 bit encryption, and third party security options such as FirePay and NETteller, that allows the casino to have only a limited access to the client’s information.

Before trusting a casino with your money, it is also a good practice to turn to online forums and websites for more information. Several countries now require online casinos to be licensed. It is always a safe bet to take your wallet to a licensed casino with a good reputation. A quick Google search can also reveal if a casino has been implicated in any type of fraud or malpractice in the past. General rule of thumb is to start your online gambling with popular and well-known casinos before moving on to their more lucrative counterparts.

‘When in doubt, start small’, is another golden rule for a rookie gambler. It makes sense not to blindly trust a casino with all of your investment at one go. Before placing a large deposit with a casino, begin by placing smaller bets and trying your luck at the beginners’ slot machines and roulette table before moving on to higher stakes. Once the casino establishes a higher trust quotient with you, you can successively increase your deposit with them.

Another aspect to be considered while choosing your online gambling destination is the method of deposit and withdrawals. Ultimately, it is encasing your winnings that give you the thrill associated with gambling. A trustworthy casino should have several convenient and quick methods of making withdrawals. Withdrawal methods can range from eWallet payouts such as NETteller and PayPal, wire transfers, and even sending a check by courier. Initially, you should begin by opting for casinos that offer a third party eWallet facility which safeguard you from sharing your personal financial information with the casino. Stay clear of casinos that only offer wire transfers or cash and check courier as not only are these methods more time consuming but also prone to frauds and identity thefts.

The bottom line of online gambling is to play it safe and trust sparingly and only after careful consideration. Do not let the thrill of wins deviate you from safeguarding your identity and financial information online. Hedge your risks, and stay clear of all dubious looking sites. Follow these basic rules and within no time you will be having just as much fun gambling online as in a real casino.